9 out of 10…LGBTQQ teens report being bullied at school over the past year because of their sexual orientation.  out of these numbers, almost half report being physically harassed, and another quarter have been physically assaulted.pride3,000…the number of youth, families, and adult allies reached through weekly support groups, crisis support, social events and UNIQUE workshops in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.

 “I go to Outlet because it’s affirming to be around other LGBTQ youth.” 

John,* a junior in high school and a transgender boy, came to his guidance counselor with some family issues regarding his identity. His guidance counselor contacted the ACS therapists’ on the high school campus for support. Outlet, as a program of ACS, was immediately contacted and an Outlet staff member met with John and encouraged him to give the on-campus Outlet LGBT student support group a try. This group, held bi-weekly on the high school campus is facilitated by an MFT intern and an Outlet staff member, and is strictly confidential. John was not a “group person” but gave it a try, and now attends meetings regularly. He has found a safe space to voice his identity and concerns, conveniently located steps away from his classrooms.





provides supplies for all support groups held at San Mateo location for one year


enables Outlet staff to lead an LGBTQQ sensitivity training workshop for an entire student body


pays for an Outlet youth BBQ or social event!


provides two youth crisis sessions with trained Outlet staff


facilitates a phone consultation for a parent seeking support for their LGBTQQ child


provides a month of supplies for a Monday Night support group