Outlet Program hosts FREE movie night: “Gunn Hill Road”

image: Joakim Wahlander “Popcorn”
By: Dafne Luna
Outlet Program Coordinator

Films are an amazing tool for creating community. Films allow people of diverse backgrounds to come together in one space and indulge in one shared experience.  Movie nights for Outlet are important for this reason.  We provide a safe and open space for LGBTQQ youth and their allies to come share a fun, relaxing, and “normal” experience. While “normal” may be the wrong word, I feel that LGBTQQ youth deal with a constant sense of being the other, an outsider. Therefore, movie nights like these provide youth the opportunity to participate in an experience that is so completely “normal” by having some pizza, watching a movie, and hanging out with friends. Something all teenagers should be able to do without any fear or discomfort.

We decided to showcase Gun Hill Road because it touches on a variety of issues that affect gender non-conforming youth. The film goes deep into the issues of gender identity as it relates to family.  The way that each family member in the film relates to each other brings insight into the holistic experience of this specific youth as it relates to race, class, and gender. We think this is a good film for our youth to engage with because it will start a greater discussion of what it means to be queer or gender non-confirming while also being a member of a family, a member of a specific community, a student, and so forth.

Outlet Movie Night
Thursday, January 22, 2015 6:30-8:30 pm
Location:San Mateo Junior Gym
Contact for info:  dafne@acs-teens.org or 650.965.2020 x122.
Download flyer here: https://app.box.com/shared/static/5c35sdqzv7mf28g83bdc.pdf