1 in 5 young people experience a significant mental or emotional health issue during adolescence.
Only 30% will receive treatment.

Austin* was failing his classes, regularly hard to school, and showed a general decline since his sophomore year. As a junior, he was caught smoking marijuana on-campus and his guidance counselor referred him to Adolescent Counseling Services’ Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Program. After going through the assessment process with his parents, it was clear that Austin was a young person in pain. Austin and his family began Intensive Outpatient Treatment tailored to their needs. The family created a contract, which, over time, helped Austin and his parents re-establish rules, boundaries, and trust within the family.

Austin recently graduated from the Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Program with nine months of sobriety. He began his senior year in the fall and has gotten his grades back on track. Austin has continued aftercare at ACS and his family come in for “tune-ups” and new additions to their family contract, as needed.

*Name has been changed to protect identity of client.