Teens Smoking Marijuana Daily are 60% Less Likely to Finish Schooling

Image: Laura Smith “American Teen”
Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/

by: Mayra Vargas
ACS’ After-School Counseling Program Intern

Teens who smoke weed/marijuana daily have a lesser chance of finishing high school and even less chance of finishing college. According to the Washington Post article “Study: Teens who smoke weed daily are 60% less likely to complete high school than those who never use” teens who smoke daily will decrease graduating high school and college by 60%. Teens are also seven times more likely to attempt suicide according a new study on adolescent cannabis use study by Lancet Psychiatry, a British journal of health research. The study looked at the frequency use of teens and their developmental results up to the age of 30. They found a clear correlation between consistent use during teenage years and the impact on their lives had negative consequences. According to this study teens who use weed/marijuana on a monthly basis are four times more likely to become dependent on cannabis than a person who doesn’t smoke at all and the smoking impacts their chances in finishing high school and college.

This said, it is important for not only parents to be educated on the use of weed/marijuana and other illegal substances, but for teens to also be aware that the use might have a greater impact on their aspirations of finishing high school and most likely will also have an impact on their college aspirations. This might have an impact, or at least plant a seed, for teens who want to finish their education since they don’t know what the ramifications are of long term use versus their needs to have “fun” by using illegal substances. A “lecture” by parents might not be welcomed by their teens about how bad drugs are but maybe having a nonjudgmental conversation about their overall hopes for high school and college will.

Click the link to read the entire Washington Post article “Study: Teens who smoke weed daily are 60% less likely to complete high school than those who never use” http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2014/09/09/study-teens-who-smoke-weed-daily-are-60-less-likely-to-complete-high-school-than-those-who-never-use/