New Study on Teen Drinking: “Many Kids Who Drink Get Liquor From Home”

Many Kids Who Drink Get Liquor From Home: Report

“Some 709,000 youngsters aged 12 to 14 in the United States are drinking beer, liquor and other alcoholic beverages, a new federal study found.  And the surprise is that many of these underage drinkers aren’t just getting a friend to buy a six pack for them or smuggling alcohol out of the family liquor cabinet. Some are getting the alcohol directly from a parent, guardian or another adult relative.

In the past month alone, more than 200,000 kids were given alcohol by a parent or other adult family member, according to a report from the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).” Click here to read the full article on this SAMHSA study from Health Day News.


Early Teen Drinking Linked to Substance Abuse in Adulthood

The following video contains a health report from Good Morning America: