Recent Teen Mental Health News

“Alcohol Use and Abuse: A Pediatric Concern”

The American Academy of Pediatrics revised their alcohol use and abuse policy statement in May, encouraging increased alcohol screening of patients. Click here to read the statement, which also includes valuable information on the history of child and adolescent substance use, contributing factors and the hazards of alcohol consumption.

“Eating Disorders, Addictions Tough to Treat in Teens”

Click here to read a new HealthDay report featured on the Family Services and Community Mental Health Center website  on the difficulties of treating teens with eating disorders. The article includes commentary on specific case studies and an overview of treatment methods.

“Misperception of Weight Ups Teen Depression Risk”

“For teen girls, an improper perception of thinking you are overweight increases the risk for depression more than actually knowing that you are overweight.”  Click here to visit PsychCentral’s website and read more about this Penn State study recently published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior.