What Your Gift Can Do

Here’s a look at what your support provides:

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Ways to Contribute

Make a Gift

Support ACS

Make a gift online today!
Or if you'd prefer, you can mail a gift to ACS at 643 Bair Island Road, Suite 301, Redwood City, CA 94063

In-Kind Donations

Donation Form

In-Kind contributions are greatly appreciated. They are vital to the success of our annual fundraising events. To make an in-kind contribution, please complete the form. Thank you!

Gifts of Stock

Donations of stock can be a great way to contribute without dipping into your checking account. Please be sure to notify us when initiating a stock transfer

ACS maintains a brokerage account at Charles Schwab & Co; 800 El Camino Real, Suite 100, Menlo Park, CA 94025; 650.614.2000.

Account Name: Adolescent Counseling Services
Tax ID#: 51-0192551
ACS Schwab Account #: 1044-7273
Schwab’s DTC #: 0164

Employee Matching Gifts

Many employers match gifts 1-to-1 for donations to qualified charities. Check with your employee gift matching program to double your gift to ACS today. Your company will provide a form and instructions on how to match your charitable gift. To facilitate the processing of your donation, provide your employer with ACS Tax ID #: 51-0192551.

For more information on Employee Matching Gifts programs, contact us at 650.424.0852 x105

Car Donations

Do you have an old car you can't sell or don't know what to do with? ACS accepts car donations through a partnership an organization called Cars With Heart. Donations of vans, trucks, RVs and boats are also accepted.

Call Cars with Heart at 800-477-1335 or Contact our main office at 650.424.0852 with any questions.

Thank you to our generous community partners: