Palo Alto Weekly Addresses Teen Stress and Academic Pressure

Palo Alto Weekly. September 3, 2010: What Teens Need, Part 1 of 2: A veteran Palo Alto educator reflects on the challenges of high school – and how teachers, students and parents can help

“Things have changed and – again, with variations for individual temperament – things have gotten worse, tougher to handle. The summit of achievement seems to be higher, the trails to reach it fewer, the crevasses more frightening, the blizzards thicker, the equipment more complex…”

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Palo Alto Weekly. September 10, 2010: What Teens Need, Part 2 of 2: Health and Education experts offer their perspectives on the local education system and how to foster emotionally health teens

“I’ve been the site director at Gunn for three years and was there during the recent suicides. What was impressive was the reaction of the student community, how they rose to the occasion to support each other. This was not surprising to me…” – On-Campus Counseling Program Director Roni Gillenson, MFT

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