1 in 5 young people experience a significant mental or emotional health issue during adolescence.
Only 30% will receive treatment.

Meet Jen

lgbtq-youth-300x200-webJen* began attending the Monday Night Group in Adolescent Counseling Services’ Outlet Program last year. Jen was used to being referred to as a boy because from a very early age, that is what she was told she was. However, the more she strayed from stereotypical boy behavior, the harsher the messaging became that “she was a boy.” Jen began to refer to her identity as gender-non-conforming, but was hesitant to say she was transgender.

After months of working with Outlet and through the power of sharing space with peers who had similar life experiences, Jen has made huge strides in developing her ability to advocate for herself. Jen was able to empathize with other Outlet youth, often taking on the role of advocate and advice giver. She has come to realize how to apply that same loving wisdom to herself. After the support and confidence she gained from her experience with Outlet, Jen is beginning to advocate for herself within her family and surroundings, and has started to explore a physical transition.

*Name has been changed to protect identity of client