Since its’ inception in 1980, the On-Campus Counseling Program provides free counseling to youth and families during school hours at secondary schools in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. Support services include one-on-one and group counseling with students and families, and crisis intervention services for emergency situations that may arise on campus.

ACS is a resource that the community can rely on for help with life’s challenges, big or small.
Areas frequently addressed in counseling sessions include:

  • Academic stress
  • Parent/child communication
  • Peer conflict
  • Self-esteem
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Grief and loss
  • Substance abuse
  • Divorce/single parent

Individualized + Affordable Services

Services provided through the On-Campus Counseling Program are FREE to the students and families of our partner schools.  Additionally, to better serve our diverse community, ACS provides bilingual counseling in a variety of languages. For questions regarding languages available at your school, please contact the Clinical Director at 650.424.0852 x102

.Where to Find Us

ACS is contracted with the following schools and school districts to provide free, accessible on-campus counseling:


We receive referrals from a wide variety of sources including school administrators, guidance counselors, teachers, parents, physicians, outside therapists, and (when applicable) self-referrals.  If you or someone you know wants to make a referral or find out more information about the On-Campus Counseling Program, please contact the Site Director affiliated with your school.

What Clients Say


“I’ve started standing up for myself and speaking out more since I started ACS 3 years ago.”
“ACS helped me get out my thoughts and feelings. It helped me realize that I can do what I want and how to work through problems.”
“I think it was great for me to have a person to talk to. My ACS counselor really made things less stressful.”


“ACS provides a valuable service to the students and as a consequence, to their families. They help tackle issues that affect academic and social issues at school and at home.”
“My child was very positive about ACS and his counseling sessions. His social skills have improved dramatically.”
“I think this is a wonderful service to have available on campus. Our daughter got a lot out of it. Her teacher commented about how much her behavior has improved over the school year!”


“The ACS interns are a good balance: knowledgeable, dedicated and energetic.”
“I always recognize in my students when they are receiving support from ACS. It shows in class!”
“The ACS team is always proactive and professional. It’s a great collaboration with our guidance team!”